Moses speaks of Jesus, Why?

This post was made in reference to¬† the video on WorldNetDaily by Richard Rives – JUST THE FACTS – dated November 11, 2014 “How Do You Know if You Know God?”


“For had ye believed Moses,
ye would have believed Me:
for he wrote of Me.”

-John 5:46

Keeping in mind also that “by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified” (Romans 3:20 and Galatians 2:16) this of course includes the Old Testament people.

If we would only stop and consider the depth of that implication!

We would realize, as the body of Christ, that from the beginning of the creation of this world that God required us all to keep His laws/covenant under the blessings of inheriting eternal life and on the reverse if we refuse: under the penalty (of the curse) death and eternal damnation.

We are still living under the blessings and curses listed in the Old Testament today under the New Testament. This, in and of itself, gives us the evidence that the Everlasting Covenant and God’s laws associated with that covenant are still valid and binding on us all today. Isaiah 24 is the perfect example of this which serves as a New Testament fulfillment yet to come to pass.

The Old Testament people were only able to inherit eternal life by the mercy of God the Father and by the perfect sinless blood of the Lord Jesus Christ through keeping God’s Everlasting Covenant (Even though they did it under temporary/carnal commandments and administration which was the animal sacrificial system under the earthly sanctuary – Hebrews 9:10).

We are also required to keep God’s Everlasting Covenant under the New Covenant administration which is through a “new and living way” by the “blood of the Everlasting Covenant”.

“Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant,
how that all our fathers were under the cloud,
and all passed through the sea;
And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea;

And did all eat the same spiritual meat;
And did all drink the same spiritual drink:

for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them:
and that Rock was Christ.”

Spoken by Jesus Christ in John 6:63:
” It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing:
the words that I speak unto you,
they are spirit,
and they are life.”

Numbers 14:14
“And they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land: for they have heard that
thou LORD art among this people, that Thou LORD art seen face to face, and that
Thy cloud standeth over them, and that Thou goest before them,
by day time in a pillar of a cloud, and in a pillar of fire by night.

Deuteronomy 1:33
“Who went in the way before you, to search you out a place to pitch your tents in,
in fire by night, to shew you by what way ye should go, and in a cloud by day.”

Nehemiah 9:16-20
” But they and our fathers dealt proudly, and hardened their necks, and hearkened not to thy commandments, And refused to obey, neither were mindful of thy wonders that thou didst among them; but hardened their necks, and in their rebellion appointed a captain to return to their bondage: but thou art a God ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and forsookest them not. Yea, when they had made them a molten calf, and said, This is thy God that brought thee up out of Egypt, and had wrought great provocations; Yet Thou inThy manifold mercies forsookest them not in the wilderness: the pillar of the cloud departed not from them by day, to lead them in the way; neither the pillar of fire by night, to shew them light, and the way wherein they should goThou gavest also Thy good spirit to instruct them, and withheldest not thy manna from their mouth, and gavest them water for their thirst.”

“The Way Wherein They Should Go”

Proverbs 2:8
“He keepeth the paths of judgment,
and preserveth the way of His saints.”

Proverbs 10:17
He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction:
but he that refuseth reproof erreth.”

The way of life – meaning the path/pathway of life.

Proverbs 13:6
“Righteousness keepeth him that is upright in the way:
but wickedness overthroweth the sinner.”

Proverbs 16:17
“The highway of the upright is to depart from evil:
he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul.”

Deuteronomy 18:15
“The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy
brethren, like unto me; unto Him ye shall hearken;”

Author: Our Father's Covenant

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