Does God Do It All For Us?

This post was made in reference to¬† a comment posted to me concerning the video on WorldNetDaily by Richard Rives – JUST THE FACTS – dated November 11, 2014 “How Do You Know if You Know God?”

I appreciate your candor jmkcd. I also appreciate the time and effort you’ve put forth to communicate to me. I want you to be assured that I am listening to what you have to say. I do not believe in man’s works. I do believe we are before ordained to walk unto all of God’s works through Him and by Him. It’s apparent to me though, that I do not believe what you think I believe.

It seems to me that you are misunderstanding what I’m saying coupled with our disagreements on what faith is and how we have free will in cooperating or not cooperating with the leading of the Holy Spirit. The other difficulty in communicating is of course defining broad terms such as work (whether it’s God’s works or man’s works, how they’re applied) also of the law (whether of circumcision, moral or sanctuary laws etc).

Concerning our free will, by scripture we are taught to “either make the fruit good or bad” to be either “hot or cold, not lukewarm” meaning that we have the choice to cooperate and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit or not. If doing God’s will were completely automatic without fail once we trust and profess Christ, no Christian would ever commit sin again, but they do as you pointed out.

Also if all of our actions were completely accomplished by the Holy Spirit alone (auto-pilot) we would be without any responsibility or accountability; thereby, Revelation 2 and 3 would not exist as well as many other warnings which were spoken to the brethren who had received the Holy Spirit about losing their salvation.

Do you remember Jesus telling people “Thy faith hath saved thee” ?
He didn’t mean without Him of course, but He gave admonishment that something that was required for them to do, they did and were rewarded.

Do you believe Abraham would have been called righteous if he had only believed yet disobeyed God’s commandments to leave his fathers house and land? What does James 2 say about that?

Do you believe the thief on the cross would have been saved had he not acted upon the call of our heavenly Father?

Will everyone in the world be saved?
Why not?

Because something (obedience) is required by God for us to perform.
We don’t do it all on our own without Him. But it is still required of us as well.

What does that initial obedience look like?

First of all it is The Spirit of God that calls the sinner to repentance.
(God imparts knowledge and understanding of sin to that person)

The Sinner responds in one of two ways:
A. Rejecting that call …Refusing to acknowledge his sin; doesn’t repent.

B. 1. Humbles himself in order to acknowledge that he has sinned
2. Confesses to God he has sinned
3. Repents of his sins; stops sinning; turns away from sinning
4. Asks for forgiveness and receives it because of his sincerity – (and it’s a given that it’s 1st by God’s mercy and Jesus Christ death/life)
5. Seeks God’s will from the heart and begins to walk in obedience from a heart of love and faith toward God and his brethren.

If I were to ask you if someone could be saved without doing these things; what would your answer be?

I hope you see that I’m not saying anything that’s not scriptural. I am not saying that we can bring anything clean out of an unclean thing. It is impossible for us to gain salvation on our own merits without Jesus Christ. At the same time, although the free gift is available to all people, not all people will do what is necessary to gain access to that free gift.

Everyone will not be saved. If there were no requirements at all for us to fulfill to receive salvation, then everyone would be saved, because salvation would be applied to everyone freely whether or not they confessed Christ, whether or not they said they believed or didn’t believe.

I will continue to study what you’ve written. Thank you again for your kindness in communicating with me. I still say I agree with a lot of what you are saying … we just continue to have miscommunication some how.

Take Care and hope you have a good weekend.

Author: Our Father's Covenant

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